Ceiling Fan vs Table Fan: Which is Better?

Electronic fans have been in use for a very long time and even in this age of air conditioners and other devices, fans are widely used. There are several reasons why electric fans are used these days. Among the electrical fans used today ceiling fans and table fans are most common and in-demand. Even after years of launching and use, people are still confused about which to purchase.

In this article, we will discuss both ceiling fan and table fan, and draw a conclusion, which fan is best.

Ceiling Fan vs Table Fan

Ceiling fan 

There is no need to discuss in detail about the ceiling fan, most people know what exactly a ceiling fan is. The function of a ceiling fan is almost similar to table fan also. In simple words, a ceiling fan is comparatively bigger and comes designed in such a way that it could move more air. Apart from all these, a ceiling fan is designed to move air in a whole confined space. When compared to a table fan, a ceiling fan is better.

Table fan 

A table fan is a simple device, unlike a ceiling fan is, a table fan is designed in such a way that it could be moved from one place to another with ease. When it comes to working, a table fan has almost the same functioning. However, the difference between a ceiling fan and a table is very different. The overall design itself is different.

As already mentioned above, there are similarities and dissimilarities between the two products. Here is everything you need to know.

Similarities between a ceiling fan and table fan 

  1. Both table fan and ceiling fans are designed in such a way that it could move air in a confined space with ease.
  2. When it comes to design, there are certain similarities, both table fan and ceiling fan could move air using the blades incorporated.
  3. The CFM of both table and ceiling depends on the number of blades and the length of the blades.

The major difference between a ceiling fan and table fan 

  1. The difference between a table fan and a ceiling fan is immense. While a ceiling fan could increase the airflow and also move a lot of air inside a room, on the other hand, a table fan is designed in such a way that it could deliver airflow in a particular direction only.
  2. While a ceiling fan could rotate in both directions, but a table fan cannot do this.
  3. When it comes to power consumption, a table fan consumes comparatively less power. Here are the power consumption details of both table and ceiling fan in general.

Table fan

Table fan uses comparatively less power, typically a table fan consumes about 50 to 55 watts power. Premium model table fans come designed in such a way that it consumes almost 65 to 110 watts power. However, today, we have table fans that come with an advanced circuit that enables them to work comparatively with lesser power.

Ceiling fan

It is a well-known fact that ceiling fans consume comparatively more energy than most of the other fans. In the beginning, ceilings fans were bulky and they used to consume as much as 150-watts. However, today, technology has advanced so much that a typical ceiling fan consumes only 70 to 75-watts power. Some advanced and premium energy-rated ceiling fans consume only about 20 to 35-watts power on an average.

Since table fans could deliver air only in a particular direction, the efficiency of a table fan is comparatively low. There is a reason why a table fan is comparatively less efficient than a ceiling fan. While a motor incorporated into a ceiling fan could deliver high CFM, the same motor incorporated into a table fan would deliver comparatively low CFM.

Features – when it comes to ceiling fans, the features incorporated into different fans are limited. There are ceiling fans that come with light incorporated and some of them are designed to function soundless. There are also ceiling fans that come incorporated with motion sensors, that switch on and off the fan automatically. On the other hand, features that could come incorporated into a table fan is more diverse. As far as we know, there are table fans that could come incorporated with light, radio features, and other gadgets. However, the most impressive feature is that there are table fans that could run on battery.

Safety – The safety offered by a table fan is comparatively lower than what offer by a ceiling fan. There is a reason why a table fan offers comparatively less safety, while a ceiling fan stays attached to the ceiling at all times, a table fan stays on a table or the floor, there is a high chance something blocks the path of the blade which could lead to accidents.

Ceiling fan v/s table fan: which is better?

The answer to the question, which one among the ceiling fan and table fan is better, is not simple. The best of these two depends solely on the requirement only. The best suitable fan for me might not be the best suitable for you. However, if you need a fan that could cool your personal space, then a table fan is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want an entire room to be cooled, then a ceiling fan is the best option for you.

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